How important is it to say a ‘NO’? It’s an interesting for which you will have many interesting perceptions. Most of us, without thinking and without cribbing, will say that its but obvious to say ‘NO’ when something is not working out as you have thought it would be. Something amiss and the whole deal is off. However, to keep all parties on the same page, it is important that the disagreeing party airs his disagreement as vehemently as saying a ‘NO.’ You may argue that it may not be the right thing to do as you can say a ‘NO’ in many other ways other than being vocal about it. You may stop responding to the opposite party’s gesture or ignore. But will that make life any better? I have my serious doubts in there.

I have been an out and out old school student. I prefer to say it to the person on the face and without pretending any other reason but the truth. Sometimes it becomes very hard to fathom a reason which may be erratic, irrational as well as insensitive. However, keeping everything in mind, you still have to say a ‘NO’ because you would not want to repent your decision when your mind remains indecisive and doubtful about the whole affair. Rationality is a brilliance that have allowed human to survive all sorts of strife and struggle. However, it may not sound very nice when you practically use it. You are a villain when you actually apply the principles of the rationality and pragmatism. You calculated all the pros and cons and your brain decides that it is about time to say the word, ‘NO’. But, your mind may not feel good as it understands that whatever I am doing, it is only for selfish reasons.

It has not been an easy call. But I decided to say the word, ‘NO.’ Irrespective of the fact, I think I have done the right thing by saying a ‘NO.’ While the life gets tough and the lifestyle tougher, it is imperative for anyone to honour the word ‘NO’ even more. I hated that moment. I hate to think that someone may be upset because of no fault of theirs. However, fate and destiny are the villains, and all you can do is to bow down to them. I said ‘NO.’ Its not pleasant, and I am sorry if I have hurt someone, but it was necessary for the greater good. I wish better for everyone. Let’s move on.

Lets roll the word whenever you have to. Its ‘NO.’